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Creating memories with a personal touch

With Featherbed Tales, you can create storytimes to keep forever. Decide between one special person reading stories, or several loved ones who your child can listen to over and over again.

And with up to 4 audio tracks for each story, you can all create a recording so your child can choose who reads the story each time they listen.

You can be as creative as you like, adding sounds, different voices and even mistakes which will make your child giggle and laugh. Make storytimes extraordinary even when you can't be there and create your own memories for always.

Or why not let your child create a recording for their grandparents to really brighten their day

Created by Caroline M England, Featherbed Tales was set up in 2020 to help children connect with absent loved ones and to share the joy of storytelling.

When a close friend of Featherbed's founder died in 2016 she left a little boy so young he might not remember his mother. She had, however, previously made a voice recording to welcome him into their family when he was adopted. At this point Caroline started to realise the importance of voice in creating bonds and memories. She recognised that hearing a voice could create a very strong physical connection to an absent loved one.

Not long afterwards, whilst standing in Coniston Water about to enter a swimming event, Caroline found herself next to an old friend from 25 years previously. Not recognising the wet-suited, neoprene hat-wearing friend until she spoke, her voice immediately transported Caroline back to the fun times they had together as teenagers. These two events started a thought process which would lead to the development of Featherbed Tales.

Now fervently believing in the power of voices to help connect loved ones, Caroline decided to create a way to share memorable and special storytimes for those who can't always be together. Whether you're a grandparent halfway around the world, a parent working away, you're deployed in the armed forces or there's any reason that you might miss story time, Featherbed Tales mean your child can still feel the warmth of your love at story time, even when you can't be there.

The people behind the idea

Caroline M England

Writer and creator of Featherbed Tales

Caroline is a writer based in the Peak District, in Derbyshire, UK. Living where the wind blows down from the moors of Featherbed Moss, much of her inspiration is gathered from the magic of the natural world around her.

She started writing children's books when her own children were young, as a way of making it through the sleepless nights of feeding, colic, illness and tantrums (sometimes it was even the children who had the tantrums). Caroline is passionate about the power of the spoken word and sharing stories together.

Colin Ware

Technology and Operations

Colin is a technologist based in London, UK. After a 30 year career in management consulting and delivering programs of work for some of the worlds largest companies, he is now focusing on a portfolio career with Featherbed Tales and charities close to his heart.

Colin will run a mile from writing any of the content, but he has been seen tinkering with some of the illustrations. His main focus though is managing the technical, business operations and commercial functions of Featherbed Tales.

Tori Stowe


Tori is a freelance artist, surface designer and illustrator from Bathurst, South Africa. Although she graduated with a fine art degree in Painting from Rhodes University, she was principally educated in her sandpit under a walnut tree.

Any gaps in her learning were filled by visiting esteemed learned dogs, ducks and bees. Her work is now often seen in retail stores in Australia and South Africa, it is exhibited widely in South Africa and abroad and at The Corner, the studio/gallery in Bathurst which she runs with her husband Craig.

Howard Chadwick

Voice Actor and Narrator

Howard trained at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and has worked as an Actor in Theatre, Film, Television and Radio for thirty years. No stranger to playing animals, his first professional role was playing a hedgehog.

Since then he has played everything from Shakespearean Kings to Pantomime Dames with Directors including Sir Alan Ayckbourn. All our stories come with narration by Howard as well as multiple options for you to have fun creating your own special audio tracks.

Our storytellers and listeners love our stories

"My grandchildren can't get enough of Lizard's Tail"

Granny Yvonne, Buxton, UK

"Morrigan loves stories and now I can read to her when I'm not even there!"

Morrigan's Dad, Pilot, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

"Great stories, fabulous illustrations and so simple to record"

Pat, Travelling Granny, Eastern Cape, South Africa